Dr. Margaret A. McGregor

During her four-decade-long career, Dr. Margaret McGregor learned that success comes from three key components: an honest, hardworking attitude, a laser-beam focus on the bigger picture, and a willingness to adapt, learn and accept challenges. As a colonel for the United States Air Force, Dr. McGregor learned the importance of these components — she honed her skills and put them to great use, along with … Continue reading Dr. Margaret A. McGregor

Dianna Louise Buehler

For Dianna Buehler and the team of consultants with whom she works at Immunotec, life is about celebrating health and wellness. Recognized by researchers and medical professionals worldwide, Immunotec sets the standards for effective health products that produce consistent results. “While the health and wellness industry is growing by leaps and bounds, Immunotec has always been in a class of its own,” Ms. Buehler says, … Continue reading Dianna Louise Buehler