Cheryl Yellowhawk

Ms. Yellowhawk is an artist through and through; she appreciates the beautiful things in life, which inspire her to paint pieces incorporating women and children, landscapes, flowers, and still lifes. Known for her New Mexico landscapes, Florida sunsets, fruits and flowers, and mother-and-child portraits, Ms. Yellowhawk is currently working on a huge body of work, comprised of women from different backgrounds and nationalities. While living … Continue reading Cheryl Yellowhawk

Michael Anthony John Legg

Michael Legg serves as a construction manager for William hare UAE LLC, a leading provider of integrated fabricated structural steel services, including design, CAD detailing, fabrication, painting and installation. Mr. Legg focuses primarily on the installation end of services. He is trusted to supervise various aspects of construction projects, including reporting, assessments, scheduling, quality assurance, business planning, forecasting, budgeting and on-site inspections. Mr. Legg has … Continue reading Michael Anthony John Legg