Brett R. Henderson, MD

Brett R. Henderson, MD, has accrued two decades of invaluable experience as a physician. With a stern focus on neurosurgery, Dr. Henderson corrects neurological problems through various surgeries, including neck, back, and spine surgeries, as well as other specialized neurological procedures. He specializes in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of disorders of the central nervous system, including congenital anomalies, non-acute trauma, tumors, vascular disorders, and … Continue reading Brett R. Henderson, MD

Cheryl Jones, Ph.D.

Having been involved in the field of health care for nearly two decades, Cheryl Jones, Ph.D.,  has attained extensive knowledge in the areas of infectious diseases, encephalitis, emerging infections of the central nervous system, research, education, pediatrics and child health. She utilizes her invaluable proficiency to serve as a Professor of Pediatrics and Deputy Dean for the University of Sydney, as well as a pediatric … Continue reading Cheryl Jones, Ph.D.

Anand Balasubramanian

With vast knowledge in internal medicine, Anand Balasubramanian has achieved professional success as a physician through his own practice, Houston North West Primary Care. Dr. Balasubramanian is extremely passionate about helping people. He and his team at HNW Primary Care take pride in providing families compassionate, high-quality care. His practice offers a multitude of health care services pertaining to internal medicine and primary care. Dr. … Continue reading Anand Balasubramanian