Garth W. Eisenbeis

Over a 13-year career in California’s political arena, Garth Eisenbeis has served as chief of staff to several state senators, advising on policy, strategy and various aspects of the legislative process. A results-oriented leader with expertise in policy development and program management, he has successfully implemented political strategies and negotiated with regulatory stakeholders to achieve desired goals. In addition to longstanding relationships with legislators, lobbyists … Continue reading Garth W. Eisenbeis

Terron Daniel Sims II

Terron Daniel Sims II is a renowned and established political consultant. Currently, he works with professionals within the field of information technology, and provides quality IT solutions and analytical services to government clients. Additionally, he provides individual augmentation, as well as task Army commands to support operations. Each day, Mr. Sims acts as a liaison officer between companies and the United States Army’s assistant chief … Continue reading Terron Daniel Sims II