Kimberly A. Johnson

Headquartered in Albany, N.Y., an area dubbed Tech Valley in the late ’90s to promote its status as a competitor in the high-tech industry, InfoEd Global is at the precipice of innovation in research and development. The company’s founder, Edward Johnson Sr., developed the world’s first search engine dedicated solely to sourcing research funding opportunities after years of working in research administration. While the tried-and-true … Continue reading Kimberly A. Johnson

Melvin Gravely

“At the Gravely Group, we believe that the training and technical assistance expertise we provide significantly improves family outcomes,” says Melvin Gravely, who is the chief executive officer of the organization, which provides innovative technical assistance for board, program professionals and parents of Head Start agencies across the county. According to the consulting firm’s website, The Gravely Group provided services to more than 100 Early/Head Start … Continue reading Melvin Gravely

Garth W. Eisenbeis

Over a 13-year career in California’s political arena, Garth Eisenbeis has served as chief of staff to several state senators, advising on policy, strategy and various aspects of the legislative process. A results-oriented leader with expertise in policy development and program management, he has successfully implemented political strategies and negotiated with regulatory stakeholders to achieve desired goals. In addition to longstanding relationships with legislators, lobbyists … Continue reading Garth W. Eisenbeis