Andrew Collins

For more than three decades, Andrew Collins has demonstrated a passion and expertise in the oil and energy industry. As the global technical director of KETO Pumps and Mining, he shares the company’s vision of becoming a leader in mineral pump solutions through the delivery of industry-leading slurry pump packages to the global mining market. “Our growth strategy is focused on operational excellence, product and … Continue reading Andrew Collins

Rudolf Fluckiger, Ph.D.

Prominently displayed at the top of the Novacule, LLC website, this quote serves as an important reminder. As someone who does truly care, Rudolf Fluckiger, Ph.D., founded Novacule, LLC with the intention of developing a drug to supplement a component in the current HAART, or highly active antiretroviral therapy, anti-AIDS drug regimen. This drug can greatly reduce both costs and side effects of the current … Continue reading Rudolf Fluckiger, Ph.D.

W. Thomas Amick

W. Thomas Amick was appointed president and CEO of Dendreon Corporation in July 2014. “I have a great passion and respect for Dendreon’s mission of transforming the lives of patients through the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative cancer treatments,” Mr. Amick stated in a press release at the time of his progression. “I believe that PROVENGE is a unique immunotherapy treatment and look forward … Continue reading W. Thomas Amick

Dr. Dale Layman

Dr. Dale Layman has posed this question to the world with hopes of, one day, finding an answer. As the  founder of Robowatch, he strives to keep a watchful eye on the fast-moving developments occurring in the fields of robotics, computing and artificial intelligence.  Having realized that the world is in a hyper state with technology, computers and robots, Dr. Layman offers his plea to … Continue reading Dr. Dale Layman