Claudette A. Collier

Claudette Collier has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 10 years, with the last four of those years spent as a senior manager for AbbVie Inc. In this position, she leads teams of young professionals, often imparting wisdom that will allow them grow. One key to her success is her research ability. Ms. Collier also attributes her achievements to her perseverance and love … Continue reading Claudette A. Collier

Dr. Lucille Burbank

“My attitude is like this photo of a girl jumping over daisies; she exhibits pure joy, and I lead in that way. Under my own company, Burbank’s Paragon Communication, I have served as an educational media and technology consultant to various organizations including the Sesame Workshop. Establishing myself as an author, I have written and edited books as well as numerous articles. Some of the … Continue reading Dr. Lucille Burbank

Rudolf Fluckiger, Ph.D.

Prominently displayed at the top of the Novacule, LLC website, this quote serves as an important reminder. As someone who does truly care, Rudolf Fluckiger, Ph.D., founded Novacule, LLC with the intention of developing a drug to supplement a component in the current HAART, or highly active antiretroviral therapy, anti-AIDS drug regimen. This drug can greatly reduce both costs and side effects of the current … Continue reading Rudolf Fluckiger, Ph.D.

Jason Haffizulla

A dedicated physician with more than a decade of experience and contributions to the field of health care, Jason Haffizulla, MD, currently practices with Medical Associates of Tamarac, P.A. Truly a family operation, Dr. Haffizulla’s mother runs the practice, while he and his father serve as physicians. Dr. Haffizulla’s wife is also a doctor; they met in school and have been married for 18 years. … Continue reading Jason Haffizulla

Colin Wheldon James

Colin Wheldon James has always been passionate about history, specifically Medieval European history. An honors graduate of the University of Wales, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in history. Upon establishing Pastoral Audiobooks in 2011, Mr. James and his partner, Christopher James, intended to provide hour-long historical talks on local topics for the people of Swansea and Southwest New South Wales. However, soon after its … Continue reading Colin Wheldon James

Joseph Khan Nguyen

Passionate about working against terrorism and promoting counter-terrorism, Joseph Khan Nguyen fervently conducts research to attain evidence. He also talks to people in different countries about the subject and works to unite nations. Persistent in accomplishing his goals, Mr. Nguyen seeks support as the president of his nonprofit organization, the Global Public Safety Human Being Life Protection Organization, or GPSHBLPO. Mr. Nguyen strongly believes that … Continue reading Joseph Khan Nguyen

Leonard Cranfield

An expert in geological mapping, mineral exploration, Earth science and research, Leonard Cecil Cranfield serves as a senior geologist and geological consultant for Cranfield Geological Services International Pty Ltd. The mining and energy company provides geological services, mining and metals, and energy services. Mr. Cranfield draws on his knowledge in mapping minerals, surveying, mineral resources, coal engineering, geotourism and engineering geology to consult in all … Continue reading Leonard Cranfield

Jeffrey Politsky, MD, M.Sc., FRCP©

Jeffrey Politsky, MD, M.Sc., FRCP©, serves as the associate director and co-director of research for the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group, as well as the medical director of Atlantic Neuroscience Institute. In his current roles, he utilizes his expertise in neurology, epilepsy, electroencephalography and functional brain-mapping in order to efficiently handle all clinical and administrative tasks for the two medical centers. Notably, Dr. Politsky discovered the … Continue reading Jeffrey Politsky, MD, M.Sc., FRCP©

Thomas W. Rogers

A devout Christian and biology enthusiast, Thomas Rogers has dedicated himself to research. He recently authored the book, “So, Who IS This ‘God’ of Our Nations, And What Does He DO for Us?,” which will be published this month and made available for the Amazon Kindle. In order to complete the book, Mr. Rogers worked with scientists specializing in various areas of biological construction, as … Continue reading Thomas W. Rogers

Cheryl Jones, Ph.D.

Having been involved in the field of health care for nearly two decades, Cheryl Jones, Ph.D.,  has attained extensive knowledge in the areas of infectious diseases, encephalitis, emerging infections of the central nervous system, research, education, pediatrics and child health. She utilizes her invaluable proficiency to serve as a Professor of Pediatrics and Deputy Dean for the University of Sydney, as well as a pediatric … Continue reading Cheryl Jones, Ph.D.