Dr. Jenny C. McCloskey

Dr. Jenny C. McCloskey has three decades of experience in health care and effectively utilizes her knowledge to care for patients as a physician at Royal Perth Hospital. Specifically, Dr. McCloskey treats patients’ issues concerning their sexual health, including the human papilloma virus in the genital tract. Upon realizing her knack for caring for people, it became clear to Dr. McCloskey that a career as … Continue reading Dr. Jenny C. McCloskey

Gloria Ann Stillman

Gloria Stillman possesses more than two decades of experience within the field of education, as well as a Ph.D. from the University of Queensland, to effectively serve as the deputy head of education for Victoria and the head of education for Ballarat at Australian Catholic University. Proficient in mathematics education and research, Dr. Stillman teaches the subject to primary and early childhood students. Motivated by … Continue reading Gloria Ann Stillman