Patricia F. Raskob

Patricia F. Raskob once wondered how she could help people to realize and go after their dreams. Her eventual answer was opening Raskob Kambourian Financial Advisors, a fee-only life-planning firm that offers assistance in devising business plans for startups, as well as retirement planning and pension design, among other services. Ms. Raskob undertook this endeavor after working on a hospital board. She created the Catholic … Continue reading Patricia F. Raskob

Georg Hafner

A global investor with expertise in asset and portfolio management, risk analysis, and retirement planning, Dr. Georg Hafner has acrrued more than 15 years of professional experience. After beginning his career with Credit Suisse in management training, he continued to grow professionally, working as the chief of portfolio management of the subsidiaries of Credit Suisse, where he managed more than 1.5 billion AUM. In 2005, … Continue reading Georg Hafner

Robert S. Schamis

A 23-year veteran of the financial services field, Robert Schamis is a credible and highly regarded wealth management expert in the Philadelphia region. He is a registered investment advisor and holds series 65, 7 and 63 certifications — these qualifications have allowed him to explore numerous areas of the financial field and provide tremendous advice to his clients. At Morgan Stanley, he serves as associate vice … Continue reading Robert S. Schamis