Rudolf Fluckiger, Ph.D.

Prominently displayed at the top of the Novacule, LLC website, this quote serves as an important reminder. As someone who does truly care, Rudolf Fluckiger, Ph.D., founded Novacule, LLC with the intention of developing a drug to supplement a component in the current HAART, or highly active antiretroviral therapy, anti-AIDS drug regimen. This drug can greatly reduce both costs and side effects of the current … Continue reading Rudolf Fluckiger, Ph.D.

Reginald W. Bennett, DDG MS, FAAM

Reginald W. Bennett, MS, DDG, FAAM, is a senior policy analyst for the Office of Regulatory Science at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a government organization that promotes public health through the regulation and supervision of safety in food, tobacco products, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical drugs. Mr. Bennett has occupied a role for the past 55 years and is known for his expertise is … Continue reading Reginald W. Bennett, DDG MS, FAAM

Dr. Dale Layman

Dr. Dale Layman has posed this question to the world with hopes of, one day, finding an answer. As the  founder of Robowatch, he strives to keep a watchful eye on the fast-moving developments occurring in the fields of robotics, computing and artificial intelligence.  Having realized that the world is in a hyper state with technology, computers and robots, Dr. Layman offers his plea to … Continue reading Dr. Dale Layman

Thomas W. Rogers

A devout Christian and biology enthusiast, Thomas Rogers has dedicated himself to research. He recently authored the book, “So, Who IS This ‘God’ of Our Nations, And What Does He DO for Us?,” which will be published this month and made available for the Amazon Kindle. In order to complete the book, Mr. Rogers worked with scientists specializing in various areas of biological construction, as … Continue reading Thomas W. Rogers

Suzette Scheepers

As the director of congresses for the Paragon Group, Suzette is trusted to organize international congresses, particularly in the areas of medicine and science, which meet at various cities around the world. She travels to these cities to oversee events and work directly with clients. Suzette supervises six direct reports who handle five to six events each annually, thereby making her responsible for approximately 30 … Continue reading Suzette Scheepers