Erin B. MacDonald

A corporate communications and public relations rock star, Erin MacDonald excels as the director of communications and strategy for 460 Communications, a marketing agency she founded to help clients “find their voice and share their story.” Among Ms. MacDonald’s top skills are her abilities in strategic planning, copywriting, and the ever-changing digital and social media landscape. She manages the 460 Communications’ brand and reputation through … Continue reading Erin B. MacDonald

Djombi “John” Kop

A senior manager with three decades of experience in the supermarket and retail industries, Mr. Kop has proven success in both the independent retail channel and with large multinational retail chains. His key competencies are demonstrated in strategic planning, supply chain management, marketing, store development and asset improvement. Following his experiences developing retail food businesses domestically, Mr. Kop took on a role with IBA Retail … Continue reading Djombi “John” Kop

Richard Lawler

For more than 10 years, Richard Lawler has served as the president and principal of EMA Solutions, a company through which he diligently works with clients on strategic planning for land development projects, and with county, state and city officials on permit issues and requirements specific to his clients’ needs. In his role, he is also responsible for marketing, handling operations, strategic planning and servicing … Continue reading Richard Lawler

Jonathan Manggope Paraia, MAICD, MPNGID

Jonathan Manggope Paraia applies nearly 25 years of professional experience to his position as managing director of Timaimi Kewaiya Investments Ltd., a firm that provides residential and commercial real estate services. Throughout his career, he has attained invaluable knowledge in several areas of the real estate industry, as well as in strategic planning and value development in mining operations. Formerly, Mr. Manggope Paraia served as … Continue reading Jonathan Manggope Paraia, MAICD, MPNGID

Alexander M. Jackl

In 1999, Mr. Jackl facilitated a retreat on strategic planning for the Massachusetts Department of Education. That was when his love for the education industry piqued. As the founder and CEO of Bardic Systems, Mr. Jackl utilizes his systemic thinking skills to develop winning strategies for educators to build methodologies based on solid metrics. An educational consultancy and solutions provider, Bardic Systems provides organizational theories … Continue reading Alexander M. Jackl

Manuel E. Collazo Jr.

It wasn’t until Manuel E. Collazo Jr. was recruited by a headhunter that he became interested in the field of finance. He’d already received an undergraduate degree from the Ramapo College of New Jersey, and was pursuing a graduate degree when he was convinced to begin working for a Spanish bank. Although he had originally been planning to become a pilot in the military, Mr. … Continue reading Manuel E. Collazo Jr.

Ram S. Tak

“You can have your cake! And eat it, too,” exclaims Ram S. Tak via his LinkedIn profile. The chairman and CEO of Insights Strategies International, Mr. Tak utilizes his 25 years of experience with retirement and estate planning to provide a vast range of financial services for clients. When working with a client, he analyzes various benefits, and insurance and retirement plans via phone. He also … Continue reading Ram S. Tak

Tracey Mackie

As the managing director of Active Solutions Aged and Primary Health Care Consultancy, Tracey Mackie strives to improve access to information, training and support for individuals, professionals and organizations working in the sector. She and her team work to meet these goals by providing a number of quality services, including strategic and business planning, staff education and training, tender submission writing, and project management. Additionally, … Continue reading Tracey Mackie

Glenn Nosse

Proficient in marketing direction, Glenn Nosse serves as a trusted  director of Aloha E-Bikes Corp. Mr. Nosse is in charge of promoting this new, and environmentally friendly company through strategic planning, business development and marketing, as well as directing corporate and in-house videos. Serving the states of Hawaii and California, Mr. Nosse is contracted for marketing projects, and currently promotes a car dealership and a … Continue reading Glenn Nosse