Sheldon Braaten, Ph.D.

The recent recipient of a Distinguished Humanitarian Award, Dr. Sheldon Braaten has committed the last 45 years to helping children become the best version of themselves. A recognized leader in behavioral psychology in Little Canada, Minn., he utilizes research-based learning theories to help other professionals serving troubled children to help them to modify their behavior, to treat anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse and mental illness. … Continue reading Sheldon Braaten, Ph.D.

Edward Paul

Dr. Edward M. Paul is passionate about helping people overcome their addictions so that they can fulfill their life goals. He is a board-certified psychiatrist who does more than write prescriptions; he is fully dedicated to therapy and patient care. Dr. Paul operates offices and sees patients in both Manhattan and Nassau County, N.Y. He works exclusively with adults and older teenagers in the areas … Continue reading Edward Paul