John Taylor

John Taylor serves as the executive director of environment and infrastructure for Sustainable Environmental Engineering Development (SEED), a management consulting company dedicated to helping customers “find meaningful answers to the sustainability questions relating to a seamless integration of the demand for engineering innovation within development and the global and company need to be environmental responsible and ensuring that future developments are sustainable. The way we … Continue reading John Taylor

Ruth E. Salvisberg

Truly passionate about all things finance, Ruth E. Salvisberg paved a clear path to a career in the field. In 1992, Ms. Salvisberg earned a master’s degree in economics, finance, audits and trusts at the Universität St.Gallen, Hochschule für Wirtschafts, Rechts und Sozialwissenschaften. Determined to consistently learn and remain abreast of the field’s goings-on, she graduated from the University of St. Gallen with an executive … Continue reading Ruth E. Salvisberg

Christina Northfleet

Christina Northfleet brings her expertise in chemistry to her role with Omya International AG, a global producer of industrial minerals such as fillers and pigments derived from calcium carbonate and dolomite. The company is also a trusted distributor of specialty chemicals. Ms. Northfleet works in Omya’s sustainability department, where she heads global regulatory affairs for the company. Her role entails ensuring regulatory compliance, building a global … Continue reading Christina Northfleet