Robert Crutchley

At VCE, Robert Crutchley is known as a reliable member of the team who is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure projects are completed properly and in a timely fashion. The company, which provides IT infrastructure manufacturing, relies on Mr. Crutchley to provide support for all pre-sale activities as it pertains to converged infrastructure appliance sales for enterprise environments. Considered an expert … Continue reading Robert Crutchley

The Honorable Dr. Dale P. Layman, Ph.D., Grand Ph.D. in Medicine

For more than 20 years, Dr. Dale Layman has been fighting for a cause he says is often overlooked by others. A longtime champion of human rights, Dr. Layman is staunchly opposed to the rise of robotics. He warns against a world that seeks dependency on robots, wondering: “Can we as humans process information like computers without always using them?” His organization, Robowatch, LLC, is … Continue reading The Honorable Dr. Dale P. Layman, Ph.D., Grand Ph.D. in Medicine

L. Mike Verney

A leading immunohistochemistry technology sales and manufacturing company, Biocare Medical offers a significant and innovative range of biotechnology and immunohistochemistry products and services to its customers. As a consultant and international sales manager for Asia-Pacific, L. Mike Verney mentors and advises a panel of motivated distributors representing Biocare with the goal of increasing the sales volume of the company products across Asia, Canada, Africa and the Pacific region. He meets with directors … Continue reading L. Mike Verney

Donald Streeck

With 25 years of invaluable contributions to the field of information technology, Donald Streeck serves as an image processing specialist for Xerox. In this role, Mr. Streeck utilizes his profound expertise in the area of computer programming to cut out stencils for the design of Boeing aircraft. Additionally, he creates designs and templates, and conducts training sessions at the new plotting center. Established a whopping … Continue reading Donald Streeck

Kerry Dawson

A true technology buff, Kerry Dawson spends his days writing and editing content on his sites, Daily Mac View and The Mac View. His articles offer the latest on all things Apple Inc., including Mac computers, iPads, iPhones and even the iOS operating system. Proficient in information technology, writing and working with others, Mr. Dawson not only writes, but also consults for various small and … Continue reading Kerry Dawson

Ray Gibbs

Known for his keen ability to execute a plan, Ray Gibbs assesses the strategic positions of Haydale Graphene Industries PLC in his role as the CEO. In this capacity, Mr. Gibbs looks to commercialize grapheme, or carbon molecules in the form of hollow spheres bonded in sheet form at one atom thick. To put it simply, graphene is mechanically 200 times stronger than steel, has … Continue reading Ray Gibbs

Dr. Dale Layman

Dr. Dale Layman has posed this question to the world with hopes of, one day, finding an answer. As the  founder of Robowatch, he strives to keep a watchful eye on the fast-moving developments occurring in the fields of robotics, computing and artificial intelligence.  Having realized that the world is in a hyper state with technology, computers and robots, Dr. Layman offers his plea to … Continue reading Dr. Dale Layman

Antony Sheen

Kind, funny and easy to talk to, Antony Sheen stands out from the crowd in his role as the managing director of Altech Computers Corporation Pty Ltd. A computer components and pre-built systems distributor, Altech provides a wide array of technological products and solutions, including cables, connectors, data storage, desktops, digital cameras and photos frames, and motherboards. Additionally, the company provides fans and cooling boards, … Continue reading Antony Sheen

Andrea Cummis

Well-known for her 33 years of invaluable contributions to the multimedia field, Andrea Cummis has attained much  knowledge in the areas of engineering, operations and technology. To date, she has worked with many broadcasting and media companies, and has consulted on numerous issues, including new technology, system design, organizational structure, workflow, standard operating procedures, and startup planning. Currently, she serves as the managing partner of … Continue reading Andrea Cummis