Morten Selven

As the president of Mikos Learning AS, Morten Selven utilizes his extensive background to provide quality professional training and consulting services. With a knack for problem-solving and expertise in sales, he is able to pass along his knowledge in order to assist his clients in reaching higher competition levels. Specifically, Mikos Learning AS provides top-notch sales training for average and top salespeople with the primary … Continue reading Morten Selven

Tracey Mackie

As the managing director of Active Solutions Aged and Primary Health Care Consultancy, Tracey Mackie strives to improve access to information, training and support for individuals, professionals and organizations working in the sector. She and her team work to meet these goals by providing a number of quality services, including strategic and business planning, staff education and training, tender submission writing, and project management. Additionally, … Continue reading Tracey Mackie

Arlene Mazak, Ph.D.

Arlene Mazak, Ph.D., is the owner and principal of Mazak Global Management, a professional training and coaching company that provides top-notch leadership coaching. The company also offers transnational management training and consulting services for organizational development. She also heads Innercall: Personal and Transpersonal Development, a spiritual services and coaching company that provides transpersonal psychotherapy, life coaching and interfaith spiritual direction services. Proficient in transformational education, … Continue reading Arlene Mazak, Ph.D.

Katja Schwenke

As a partner of VISCONTI, Katja Schwenke proudly coaches and mentors CEO-level clients. With a knack for working with and training executive leaders, Ms. Schwenke ensures that there is always a clear understanding between her and clients regarding the issues that they want to address. Extremely creative in producing long-term, high-level plans, she prioritizes continuity and sustainability when it comes to reaching strategic objectives. Ms. … Continue reading Katja Schwenke

Christopher Weber-Furst

Christopher Weber-Fürst is an internationally experienced professional coach who is passionate about aligning values with visions. Since 2004, he has owned and operated Female First, a consultancy that specializes in coaching services for female executives. Christopher works closely with CEOs, board members and leaders to assist them in utilizing their teams to achieve optimal results. He also provides leadership training and consulting services to clients … Continue reading Christopher Weber-Furst