Dorcas Eaves, MD

“When a catastrophic accident occurs, devastation becomes a very real possibility. Miracles take place when critical medical decisions and actions are acted upon in a moment’s notice,” says Dr. Dorcas Eaves, who has been a trauma and urgent care surgeon for more than 35 years. Successful because of her commitment to excellence, honor and integrity, she has dedicated her career to helping as many people … Continue reading Dorcas Eaves, MD

Michael E. Chionopoulos

Michael E. Chionopoulos, Esq. founded Absolute Law, PA, in 2010. Eighteen years before that, he gradated from the Oklahoma City University School of Law and was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar Association. Shortly after his admission, he practiced general civil law for five years before serving as general counsel of a public company. Mr. Chionopoulos eventually decided to put his career on hold in order … Continue reading Michael E. Chionopoulos