Amy S.B. Chieng

An animal lover and professional in the pet health and wellness industry for nearly three decades, Amy Chieng has dedicated her career to providing solutions to improve and enhance the lives of animals. Successful because of her passion, hard work, determination and positive mental attitude, she spends each day living by the motto: “Don’t be afraid; just make it happen. You can’t only be a … Continue reading Amy S.B. Chieng

Holly Ann Wells

Pulling together her background and experience in finance and information technology, Holly Wells is a trusted name in information technology and project management consulting. Her expertise is utilized to assist corporations with projects and strategic alignment efforts. Her love for project-based work also extends to the nonprofit sector. Ms. Wells recently started, a website dedicated to celebrating sustainable living. She finds nature inspiring and … Continue reading Holly Ann Wells

Dr. Manjula Raguthu

As a doctor for more than two decades, Manjula Raguthu has provided a multitude of services that have helped patients achieve their healthiest lifestyles. Focusing on family medicine and inpatient, outpatient and acute-care settings, Dr. Raguthu is efficient in communicating with her patients regarding the care she provides to them and the care they need. She has spent nearly half of her career at Medwin … Continue reading Dr. Manjula Raguthu

Sue Thoens

A natural-born leader with aspirations of achieving the American Dream, Sue Thoens, like many others, entered corporate America. After years of feeling unfulfilled by various roles, she took the leap from corporate worker-bee to entrepreneur, establishing two core businesses: SMT Enterprises and 3 Ladies Agra. “Our country used to have the core values of integrity, honesty and respect. People had the opportunity to pursue and live … Continue reading Sue Thoens

Linda Miller

A 1.5-year-old company, IDLife, LLC, was founded on the principles that quality products would be supplied to help people with weight management, skin care and children’s needs. These individually designed nutritional products and programs were created to change people’s lives for the better. The company’s products have helped people increase their energy, lose weight, boost their metabolisms and ultimately achieve better health, and have specifically … Continue reading Linda Miller

Sullivan Brown Sr.

A retired high school teacher, Mr. Brown continues to enrich and improve people’s lives as a global ambassador for Shaklee Corporation. He is dedicated to bringing quality products to consumers through the company, which offers a wide variety of quality, eco-friendly products, including nutritional, skin, beauty, anti-aging and weight management supplements, as well as biodegradable home and cleaning products, nontoxic cleaning products, and gluten-free energy … Continue reading Sullivan Brown Sr.