Jim Smith

smith-jimAs the co-founder, president and chief executive officer of S-Squared Enterprises USA, Jim Smith brings with him more than 46 years of combined experience working in the field of quality control and training. Throughout his career, he has helped more than 100 companies and over 8,000 employees achieve their personal and professional goals. Mr. Smith is licensed in quality process analytics, reliability engineering and quality engineering, all by ASQ. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in management from Columbia Pacific University and continues to develop himself professionally by taking coursework in management, interdisciplinary studies and business administration at Bradley University and Illinois Central College. When asked of his professional motivation, Mr. Smith revealed that he is driven by his passion for helping others. In recognition of his professional excellence over nearly five decades, he earned a Eugene L. Grant Medal from ASQ Worldwide, he was named Quality Professional of the Year by Quality Magazine and he was selected as a fellow by the American Society for Quality. Additionally, Mr. Smith was named International Quality Professional of the Year by the automotive division of the American Society for Quality and International Quality Professional of the Year by Quality Magazine.

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