David Jordan

David R. Jordan is an esteemed attorney who is currently making headlines due to his involvement in an extremely high-profile case related to the Navajo Presidential Election. He represents Leonard Tsosie, who filed a petition to override a veto of the Navajo Nation Council’s language fluency requirement for presidential candidates. As a result of Mr. Jordan’s and Mr. Tsosie’s work, a prominent candidate who doesn’t speak Navajo was recently disqualified from the election.

Mr. Jordan has honed his expertise in Navajo tribal law since relocating back home to the Gallup, N.M., area in 2003. Prior to that, he spent the first 15 years of his career practicing property and securities law in Phoenix, Ariz. Mr. Jordan obtained a JD from Arizona State University, where he concentrated his studies in business law, securities and investments. Mr. Jordan, who grew up near the Navajo Indian Reservation, decided to shift his legal focus after relocating due to the needs of the area. He became well-known in the community for his work in Navajo employment law prior to venturing into Navajo election law. Mr. Jordan also handles cases related to criminal defense, DUIs, estate law and elder law.

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