Tom Vorster

Tom VTom Butler Vorster epitomizes the word “entrepreneur.” In recognition of the success that he’s achieved throughout his 30-year career, he recently received the Young Entrepreneur Award for Young Business Owners. Additionally, he was chosen as a 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year in Construction Management, which serves as a testament to his unyielding dedication, hard work, years of service and exemplary achievements within his field.  Currently,  Mr.  Vorster  serves  as the director of UI Equipment, TJ Enterprises, as well as the owner of Industrial Turnkey Projects Ltd. Industrial Turnkey Projects, an engineering and construction contractor, offers lean construction solutions for the mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, and industrial sectors, as well as insulation, cladding, corrosion protection, air- conditioning and scaffolding services. In addition, the company offers operational services, including engineering, concrete solutions, maintenance and shutdown services. An investment company, TJ Enterprises buys shares of other companies in order to expand them. Industrial Turnkey Projects Ltd is working to establish new oil and gas brands in Indonesia and South Africa. In his current roles, Mr. Vorster is responsible for handling marketing, obtaining new clients, managing financials with his accountants, forecasting and overseeing more than 250 employees.

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