Shana Haughton

“At Guilliettes Trousseau, it is our honor to be a part of your special day,” says Shana Haughton, who has been excelling in the bridal industry for the last six years. With a focus on bridal fashion and accessories, she offers a range of items, styles and prices to fit the needs of every bride-to-be. “It is our goal to help brides look and feel their best on their wedding day,” she says, adding that she was inspired to establish a bridal boutique after her own wedding. It was the happiest day of her life and she wanted to re-live that experience over and over by helping other women create a beautiful love story. Additionally, she wanted to ensure that the entire planning experience was wonderful. “When I was looking for my dress, there were plenty of bridal shops, but none of them gave me the feeling I craved. I wanted to feel special and that I was not just a customer,” she says, adding that at Guilliettes Trousseau, she creates a feeling of warmth, love and excitement, and offers consignment and vintage pieces. Ms. Haughton has partnerships with new and emerging designers, and she is working on her own line of bridal suits and jewelry.

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