Mark A. Calomeni

With a reputation as a leader and innovator in the high-tech sector, Mark Calomeni brings with him more than two decades of excellence to his career. Today, he is the senior vice president of engineering for Aether Innovations, a medial application company that developed AetherPad, the first iPad-based application for anesthesiologists to collect data during surgery, as well as during pre- and post-op procedures. “The software is intelligent, and even has an autocoding feature for procedures, diagnoses and ASA codes, as well as the ability to learn the user’s preferences for medications and notes by procedure,” Mr. Calomeni says of the technology he helped to innovate. Noted for his considerable expertise, he also lends his talents to Aether Medical Business Services, an organization that he created to streamline medical billing services for doctors, private practices, surgical centers and urgent care centers. Mr. Calomeni attributes his success to being results-oriented, while also maintaining a positive outlook. He hires well, and is always sure to motivate his teams. In addition, he has the ability to manage without micromanaging, which he feels is the most productive way to motivate teams.

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