Patricia F. Raskob

Patricia F. Raskob once wondered how she could help people to realize and go after their dreams. Her eventual answer was opening Raskob Kambourian Financial Advisors, a fee-only life-planning firm that offers assistance in devising business plans for startups, as well as retirement planning and pension design, among other services.

Ms. Raskob undertook this endeavor after working on a hospital board. She created the Catholic Foundation for the Dioscese of Tuscon and served as its director. In that role, she was responsible for finding people to support the foundation.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Raskob earned a Bachelor of Science from Kansas State University. She accepted the degree with honors, and gained experience working for her alma mater as well as Arizona University. She also taught financial planning classes for women at Pima College. To add to her professional repertoire, Ms. Raskob became a Certified Financial Planner, an Enrolled Agent and an Accredited Tax Advisor.

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