Raymond Ryu

Raymond Ryu has a decade of experience in the medical device manufacturing industry, and is proficient in all areas of software and insurance. Today, he utilizes his expertise in his role as the CEO of Dexcowin, the first company in America to spearhead the concept of the battery-powered, handheld X-ray for the dental industry. As the organization’s fearless leader, Mr. Ryu plays a significant role in developing processes and strategies, and planning for the company, as well as overseeing manufacturing, compliance and finance. Leading a global team with offices in the United States, South Korea and Japan, he upholds and promotes his ultimate goal and philosophy: to contribute positively to human welfare, health and world peace through innovative technology. “When it comes to technological progression, we simply won’t stop at second-best. We invest heavily into our cutting-edge research and development department to bring the latest and most advanced medical systems and tools to the doorsteps of hospitals and physicians’ offices around the globe,” Mr. Ryu says of his team’s passion and drive to be the leading provider of radiographic medical devices. His approach to motivating his team includes a time-tested motto that has brought the company to global prominence in 12 years.

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