Antony Sheen

Kind, funny and easy to talk to, Antony Sheen stands out from the crowd in his role as the managing director of Altech Computers Corporation Pty Ltd. A computer components and pre-built systems distributor, Altech provides a wide array of technological products and solutions, including cables, connectors, data storage, desktops, digital cameras and photos frames, and motherboards. Additionally, the company provides fans and cooling boards, monitors, tablet accessories, scanners, surveillance products, and servers, among many other products. As the managing director, Mr. Sheen is responsible for building new branches in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Dubai and Taiwan. He carefully observes his company’s needs and utilizes his findings in order to build upon the company’s warehouses, sales and finances. Noted for his expertise in engineering and technology, Mr. Sheen works with suppliers around the world and oversees as many as 20 managers.

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